Club Member Testimonials

We appreciate both kind words and constructive feedback from our Private Wine Club members. If you're a member and would like to share your own thoughts on Echelonwines Private Wine Club, please let Sam know.

"Thank you Sam! You offer great customer service!"

- Luis D.

"Just opened and tasted this recent purchase. It is wonderful. It may be one of the best purchases I have from you among the many amazing purchases I have gotten from you over the years. Know we appreciate all that you do for us."

- John P.

"Thanks for the advice, Sam—I appreciatre your honesty; this is the reason i do business with you! "

- Tom A.

"Great price—don't know how you do it, but that is spectacular!"

- Jeff A.

"It's hard to criticize a vendor as good as you. You know wine as do I. Your expressions and palate notes are straightforward and usually spot on when I taste the product. In summary, Sam, you're my main squeeze on a wide variety of retail wines...I look fwd to meeting you in person one day."

- Don W.

"Well, I think you do an excellent job of presenting a broad spectrum of wines to your audience. I tend to prefer wines under $20 for 'everyday drinking' so those are the ones I look for. But there are 'special' wines that I like and I enjoy sharing with my friends where I certainly go above my $20 figure. All in all, you do a very good job of providing a broad wine list that appeals to a wide range of wine drinkers. Keep up the good work!"

- Tom N.

"Sam is the best wine retailer in the SF Bay Area that I know. That simple. Best prices, service, selection, and no issues with getting wine that's been stored in somebody's trunk in Phoenix during the summer."

- Steve K.

"I've been thinking back and reflecting on my wine buying experience with you, and wanted to say how satisfying it has been. My family—which through me you have given access to wines from wine makers who care—is grateful, too."

- Jim B.

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